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Enjoy the economy, fun and lifestyle you can have with a scooter from Motus


How It All Started or: Why scooters?

On one of our motorbike trips in Europe we were amazed at how many people used scooters and how much fun they were having commuting. They were able to speed through traffic jams, get up to the front of the queue, and park in all sorts of places were it was impossible for a car to go. Dump their helmet under the seat and walk straight into a café for a quick coffee before work. We could imagine scooters in Christchurch and knew we had a good idea.


Where The Scooters Come From

We decided to purchase the scooters from China based on price, quality and back up service. China manufactures over 50% of the worlds total production of motorcycles and scooters which they export in huge numbers into Europe and United States.


We looked at over 50 scooter manufacturers, narrowed these down to 4 and imported samples that we tested for over 1 year in New Zealand conditions before we placed our first orders.



Testing in New Zealand comprised of trying out the scooters in all conditions throughout the year and in this way we were able to judge if they would be suitable for the New Zealand market. At the end of our trial we knew that we had found scooters that would last the distance and be able to provide reliable, economical transport.


The Motus Team


Born in Christchurch NZ
Been involved with motorcycles since age 14
Former instructor at the California SuperBike School based in Los Angeles
Raced Motorcycles from 125GP bikes to Superbikes in Australia, USA and New Zealand, Multiple NZ Titles, Championships and Lap Records.
He has a wealth of knowledge in all facets of motorcycles from scooters to race bikes



Born in Christchurch, New Zealand

Typical kiwi, loves riding his 1150 BMW Adventure in New Zealand and his BMW 100GS Paris Dakar in Germany.

Enjoys his URAL Russian motorcycle and sidechair for touring and a little offroad adventure!

Loves off road adventures and has travelled thousands of kilometres in New Zealand and Europe.
Worked as a tour guide for motorcycle tours throughout New Zealand
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